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5 Secrets to Getting the Best Auto Body Shop Repair in Winnipeg

5 secrets to getting the best auto body shop repair in winnipeg

When your vehicle needs auto body work because of an accident, hail damage or other unfortunate incident it's an inconvenience and all you want to do is get it done as quickly and painlessly as possible. Here are 5 secrets to help you find an auto body shop in Winnipeg you can feel comfortable with and confident in to fix your vehicle properly:

  1. Is the shop clean and organized? Any auto body shop in Winnipeg might seem credible over the phone or even have an impressive website, but it's OK to respond to your first impression when you actually arrive to drop off your vehicle. Have a look around. Is the shop cluttered, disorganized, with a build-up of dirt and spilled fluids on the floor? Is staff helpful and friendly, willing to answer your questions? These first impressions are important. Clean habits and staff who enjoy their jobs are a good sign that a shop has good work ethic and integrity.

  2. Is their training certification readily visible? Your auto body shop in Winnipeg, or any city for that matter, should have top notch accreditation clearly visible. If you don't see certifications or certificates showing industry accreditation, feel free to ask and take time to do an online search for customer reviews.

  3. Ask questions. Get to know the auto body shop you are entrusting your vehicle to, and let them get to know you, too. When you have a friendly and candid conversation with your auto body repair shop, a vital exchange of information takes place. They will be able to pick up on your concerns and get the whole picture of what is important to you. You will also likely get information and reassurance about how they go about fixing your vehicle properly.

  4. Know how the shop charges. Knowing whether the auto body shop in Winnipeg you've selected uses a flat rate or hourly rate for its technicians can help ensure you got the best repair job possible on your vehicle. A flat-rate system means the technician is paid by the job, and if that job is estimated at one hour, but takes three, the technician is still only paid at the flat rate that was quoted. And if work is completed in way less time than estimated, the technician still receives the full flat rate. This can result in technicians rushing jobs in order to make more money. An hourly-rate system, or straight time shop, means employees are paid for the actual amount of time they work. In our opinion, a straight time shop, like All Star, will be able to provide superior quality work. The rates charged are more fair, work is done competently, and the lasting quality of the repair job speaks for itself.

  5. It's all who you know. When they say Winnipeg has that small town feel, it is never more true than when you ask around for opinions on where to eat, where to shop, and even where to go for auto body repair work. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to see if they know of a good auto body repair shop in Winnipeg. Good experiences speak volumes, so if someone has a recommendation for you it's a good idea to listen. Of course, also do your own research, and then make an educated decision for yourself. Any auto body shop in Winnipeg can tell you how great they are in glossy brochures or a snappy website, but it speaks volumes when their clients say it.

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