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Auto Body Repair Consumer Tips

Auto Body Repair Consumer Tips
  1. If you would like a streak free and clean clear glass or mirrors, always use black and white newspaper instead of cloth. Never use the cartoons only Black and white works the best! For a streak free look!

  2. Remember, to always keep a pad of paper in your glove box with a pencil for emergency situations. Pens freeze or explode.

  3. Never use dish soap to wash your vehicle! This could be harmful to your paint!
    Why? Dish soap was designed to remove the dirt and bacteria off of dishes. The chemicals inside dish soap will slowly corrode your clear coat making your vehicle look dull. It will also leave a glare on your glass.

  4. Make sure you always wash your vehicle with a soft cloth or sponge. You don't want to scratch the paint!

  5. If you're using a chamois make sure it's clean and damp before wiping a vehicle with it!

  6. Please don't wax your vehicle if you've recently had it painted. Let the paint cure for at least 90 days.

  7. Bras are nice to prevent the front of your vehicles from collecting stone chips.

  8. It's nice to keep your truck clean with a Bug Deflector.

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