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How To Prepare for Black Ice in Winnipeg

Black Ice

Black ice is actually clear ice that is almost totally transparent. Even though it is not, the ice is named “black ice” because since it is formed without bubbles it is completely transparent and will take on the colour of the pavement below.

This glaze of ice is formed when the air temperature is warmer than the pavement. This causes the moisture such as snow or rain to freeze quickly once it hits the ground and creates a thin layer of ice. It can also be created by combining the heat of your car tires with the freezing temperature of the road.

When to watch for Black Ice:

  • More common at night or early morning when the sun is not out to heat the roads and temperatures are their lowest. This does not mean black ice is never present during daylight hours, so always be prepared.
  • Usually found along tree lines or a tunnel where the sun can’t reach.
  • Most often found on bridges, overpasses and beneath overpasses because the air is cooled from both top and bottom helping ice to freeze.

Tips For Driving On Black Ice:

  • Remain Calm
  • Do as little as possible to allow the car get over the ice.
  • Do not hit the brakes.
  • Keep the steering wheel straight.
  • If one end of your car begins sliding left or right, it is important that you GENTLY turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction.
  • Take your foot off the gas to slow down, do not hit the breaks.
  • If possible, shift to a lower gear.
  • Head for areas of traction.
  • NEVER travel using your cruise control when it is potentially wet ot icy contitions.

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