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Winnipeg Collision Center Says SLOW Down

Winnipeg Collision Center Says SLOW Down

All Star Collision and Glass is on board with the public awareness campaign by Winnipeg Police Service to JUST SLOW DOWN. "We're an established, responsible collision center in Winnipeg" said Dave and Tara Mack, owners of two locations auto collision centers in Winnipeg, "but we would much rather promote safe driving and help people avoid accidents and death in our city."

According to the stats:

  • 35 collisions happen each day on Winnipeg streets and 2/3 of these occur at intersections
  • Faster speeds exponentially increase vehicle damage and seriousness of injuries in a collision.
  • Collision rates rise during winter months rise in Manitoba

According to their awareness website, the Just Slow Down is a public awareness campaign to help drivers understand the relationship of excessive speed to traffic collisions, injuries and fatalities.

The consequences of a single moment in time can be catastrophic. Excessive speed not only contributes to loss of vehicle control and greater incidence of collision, but a reduction of just a few kilometers per hour during impact can mean the difference of life and death...walking away and long-term disability.

Drivers and pedestrians alike deserve to feel safe on Winnipeg streets. An overall reduction in driving speed CAN and WILL make a difference.

We're joining in the movement and helping to spread the word - JUST SLOW DOWN. It will help keep Winnipeg streets safer, reduce injuries, death and the necessity to require the services of a collision center in Winnipeg.

Just Slow Down.

For more information about the Just Slow Down campaign visit, www.justslowdown.ca

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